Atlanta Talks Magazine featuring The Style Muse Bartique

Atlanta Talks Magazine featuring The Style Muse Bartique

Why that name? What is its vision and purpose?When did you give birth to your business? What was that pivotal moment when you knew it was alive and kicking and ready to thrive in this competitive world? The name of my brand is The Style Muse Bartique. Being a stylist and considering myself a type of artist, I have become inspired by my own craft. The name of my brand was inspired by the definition of each individual word. A muse is a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Bartique is a word that describes a hybrid retail store inside of a lounge setting. After strategic thinking, I came up with the perfect concept which also explained who I was. I’m a socialite by nature and I enjoy fashion. My desire was to provide a memorable shopping experience that my customers would be able to enjoy in a comfortable, sociable environment. I wanted to offer a luxury shopping experience, rather than  a casual customer encounter. 

Did someone else support you in your vision? If so, what did you individually bring to the table? My family is and has been my biggest supporter. They’ve always supported my vision and raw talents. My family has always encouraged me to stay focused on my dream and vision, which is to help women become more confident within themselves and assist them with finding their fashion preferences. My desire is to encourage women to look and feel their best. I also promote my customers to step out of their comfort zones and to find looks that emulate their voice.

Describe the sacrifices, experiences during the pandemic that either increased your business or forced you to shift into a different direction. During the pandemic I successfully completed my second degree in Healthcare Management while pursuing a future career as a Physician Assistant. However, I began to have a change of heart as the world transitioned.  I realized you have to have more to offer the world to truly live the life that you want.  I also realized it starts with bringing out what’s already in you. The shifts we all experienced challenged my thought process and made me realize you can be disposable working for someone else. You can’t always have your eggs in one basket. Life comes at you fast and it can change in the blink of an eye. Being an entrepreneur is a challenging task no matter what scale you are doing it on. You learn so many things about yourself and the world during the process. The biggest challenge that I’ve learned is trusting my instinct and process no matter how hard it gets. My main goal is to keep going and to never stop. Overtime I believe that I am going to transform my small business into a global brand and become a household name. I plan to also enhance my styling abilities by securing clientele that hire me for personal, brand, and commercial styling services. 

Give your main success story; discuss one failure or do-over that was worth it and made the difference. Since being in business I have decided that my success was going to be dictated on my actions and how badly I wanted it. Faith without works is dead and I live by that belief. Nothing worth having is going to be easily obtained. I focus solely on being better and continuing the marathon as I grow as an entrepreneur. One do over that I am grateful for is how I’ve been able to have the chance to start over in a business that I’ve tried before. The difference in this process is I practiced being more faithful and more intentional. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing or how I was going to accomplish it all. However, I operated in the confidence of knowing I could do it. I had to keep trying and stay consistent. I always strive to be better. Although I had to face accountability and do things over, I was able to start afresh effortlessly because I knew my business deserved a high level of effort. The principles I practice keep me afloat. The outcome of my discipline and hard work reflects the quality I strive to provide.

What demographic are you aiming for or currently serve? The demographic that I serve are working class professional women that are interested in a variety of high quality, semi luxury items that produce amazing and versatile styles. The age range I market to are between the ages of 25-45. Women with edge, a fashion sense, and who understand the value and uniqueness that a traditional boutique brings to their closet. I want to attract a female audience who’s goal is to not only get dressed to look good but want to feel good in the looks they choose. My goal is to have clientele that value high quality items that offer exclusivity for an affordable price.

What specials or sales are you offering over the next 3 months? I’ll be offering random flash sales periodically which serves as a token of the gratitude that I have for my current and future customers. It’s my way of saying thank you for their support and participation in me successfully furthering my brand. Sales will be consist of tokens of appreciation such as discounts of 15-20% off on some of our items. I appreciate and simply adore all of my customers and I think it’s important to give them those tokens of appreciation as well as a top tier shopping experience .

What makes you different and stand out from the rest? What stands me out from the rest is the level of engagement that I have with my customers and my peers. I try to make every encounter a personal one. I deal with my customers in a direct manner that makes them feel catered to. By taking this customer service approach, it inputs their confidence in me to trust my advisory and expertise. The level of presentation from my store and my website are other contributing factors that provide a warm welcome to those that shop with me. I run my business with a consumer mind frame so I address the real concerns and desires we all commonly share as women when we shop. I use my own preferences and perspectives to strengthen both my networks and customer relationships. I want them to know that I’m not running my business just for profit, but that my business embodies integrity with my customers needs at the forefront. Their shopping experience is the most valuable component to my success and growth.
What is the company motto, theme, or slogan? 
Be Fabulous, Be Stylish,Be aMUSEing